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Kris Anne Hall – Dark Roast Whole Bean

Every cup you brew is a testament to the defense of liberty. KrisAnne Hall, the driving force behind the non-profit Liberty First Legal, is on a mission to safeguard the rights of churches, believers, and patriots in the face of threats. Her dedication to the Constitution and her role as a national speaker on constitutional matters have equipped countless Americans to protect their own freedoms.

KrisAnne’s influence extends across prominent platforms, including Victory News, OAN, The Kate Dalley Show, and more. Her award-winning documentary series, ‘Noncompliant,’ serves as a wake-up call to Sheriffs, reminding them of their duty to defend the rights of the people.

With every purchase of the half-pound bag from Kris Anne Hall, you’re supporting the defense of liberty. Brew a cup of Kris Anne Hall’s Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee and take part in a mission that champions the rights and freedoms of all.,,

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