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Kris Anne Hall – Medium Roast Whole Bean

With each cup of KrisAnne Hall’s Half Pound Medium Roast, you’re savoring not just coffee, but a taste of liberty. KrisAnne, the driving force behind the non-profit Liberty First Legal, is passionately dedicated to defending the rights of churches, believers, and patriots, especially when those rights are under threat.

As a national speaker on the Constitution, KrisAnne empowers Americans to become guardians of their own freedoms. Her presence extends to major platforms, including Victory News, OAN, and The Kate Dalley Show. KrisAnne’s award-winning documentary series, ‘Noncompliant,’ enlightens Sheriffs about their duty to protect the people’s rights.

Every purchase from KrisAnne Hall contributes to the defense of liberty. Brew a cup of KrisAnne Hall’s Half Pound Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee and be a part of a mission that champions the rights and freedoms of all.

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